Our story
Over 35 years ago since its start, AlJedaie was and still a leading trader for upholstery fabrics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing the best in fashion and finest quality of fabrics collections.
AlJedaie furniture fabrics was established in 1978, at the beginnings of the urban and economic renaissance of Saudi Arabia , AlJedaie opened its first furniture fabrics mega showroom in Al-Khazan street, which was then the most prominent commercial destination of the elite brand names, and a main avenue for the elite shoppers ...

AlJedaie has offered a wide selection of top quality products in the world of upholstery fabrics , and supplied the Saudi homes with a wide collection and ranges of different fabrics textures, from the velvets to silks, and satins to Chanels , imported from the finest international fashion houses manufacturers of German, to the top French designers house. Taking into account the tastes of different customers and their expectations in terms of service, quality and value...
Soon it gained its customers trust and confidence, and became the first name of excellence for the housewives ...
And till this day, AlJedaie is determined to maintain its vision to deliver what is new and unique in upholstery fabrics, and always raising its standards in quality, convenience and value for its customers. Providing distinguished presentation of its wide collections through six showrooms distributed in the major cities of the Kingdom, with thousands of choices, types, colors, materials and carvings suit meeting the needs and tastes of the customers, all under one roof.

And In our relentless pursuit and continuity to maintain excellence and to achieve customers satisfaction and trust, AlJedaie provides today, all the requirements of upholstery and furniture manufacturing of fabrics, high- quality and modern in design and colors, from soft silk and velvet and luxurious Chanels, original cottons and elegant Jacquards. Giving customers the ability to design and match their furniture as appropriate to their taste from curtains, sofas, blankets and other needs. Add to that, the ability to provide a range of accessories and wallpapers dedicated to interior decoration of offices and the needs of special projects requirements such as hotels, palaces and private residences.

And finally to ensure “ quality” as our products benchmark , AlJedaie provides a range of sales and after -sales services for its upholstery fabrics , including the switch or retrieval of textiles in the cases where it did not fit with the use of the client or the presence of any damage to the product upon the delivery .
AlJedaie Furniture fabrics is proud of the trust and confidence given by its customers, and its achievements in leading the Saudi market shall be maintained to always be pioneers in introducing fashionable products, offering choice, quality and good value and to well deserved to be “ The providers of taste”.

Vision “ To bring life and style to every part of our Saudi homes and work places, by providing the world’s best furniture fabric products in design, quality, luxury and value.“

Mission “To always be the trend setters of furniture fabrics fashion, by providing our customers, unique and exclusive fabric designs, colors and quality, with modern and advanced services and closer to customer marketing approach.”

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